A Great BIG Muchas Gracias San Felipe!

A great BIG muchas gracias San Felipe for another awesome Jamboree. The season is just getting started, we’re welcoming back the snowbirds and this town is rockin it when it comes to giving Hunger the Blues. This past Sunday our San Felipe supporters donated 620 lbs/281 kilos of food that will go to fill the bellies of some of our less fortunate neighbors. This food goes directly to Better Together, Volunteer Without Limits, San Felipe Men's Rehab Center, ACIFAC, and Dancing Gene helping many families in San Felipe.

In case you missed this week’s line up of fantastic musicians, we owe a big thanks to the following musicians: Sweet Sixx and the Wild Pack band; Sixx and Rachel Pack, Miguel Korsa, Humberto Felix, Bobby Tee, Ron Random, and Abraham Luvano. And special guest, all the way from Tijuana, keyboardist and teacher, Victor Vital. And just so you know, these musicians all donate their time & music each week.

Also, a big thank you to the Board members who work tirelessly, not just on the weekly Jamborees, but behind the scenes too. It takes volunteers to make this all work – a special shout out to Dancing Gene, the Raffle Machine (he sells raffle tickets like crazy). The money raised by the sale of raffle tickets goes to buy chickens, potatoes, onions and cleaning supplies to supplement the non-perishable food that is donated. And THIS little piggy – Tequila Pigs – made a FAT donation of $100. Thank you!!

Thanks so much to San Felipe Brewing for being such wonderful hosts – your staff is awesome (and the beer is pretty darn good too). This past week we had food offerings from Monica Garcia skewers/brats/empenadas), In&Out Taco Truck and Chinese food by Tharoon Iyyengar with Steve and Leslie Johnson (stirfry, fried rice and potstickers) to raise money for the Women’s Recovery Center).

Muchas gracias San Felipe supporters – together we’ll give Hunger the Blues. Music and Meals Heal.

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