A Memorable BAHS Jamboree Weekend! 383 Pounds ❤️

❤️A most heartfelt thank you to our wonderful friends and supporters who chose to share their Memorial Day Weekend with BAHS!  It was once again a great time filled with world class blues, food and libations and 383 LBS OF BEAUTIFUL FOOD DONATIONS!!!  Your generosity knows no bounds. 

BAHS Jamboree Tempest Trading - May 30, 2022
BAHS Jamboree Tempest Trading - May 29, 2022

BAHS Jamboree Cantina Badass - May 28, 2022

❤️Our musicians never disappoint!!!  A huge gracias to:

  • Tito Mendoza (guest artist)
  • Alan Garcia
  • Bruce Erickson
  • Erick Salas
  • Phillip Singletary 
  • Connie Price-Panthen
  • Debra Faxon
  • Alan Walker
    and of course Sweet Sixx and The Wild Pack: Sixx Pack, Rachel Pack and Miguel Korsa,

❤️Our generous raffle sponsors were:

  • Los Amigos- gift certificate
  • Kraken- gift certificate 
  • Rubens- gift certificate 
  • Antonio the Wood Carver- turtle
  • Sylvia and Roland- wine

Thank you everyone!!!  Please spread the word to your neighbors how they can enjoy great music and help ease hunger in their communities.  We will see you next weekend for more good times!!!!❤️

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