HAFID HARNANDEZ - Rockin' Out The BLUES Against Hunger!

JOIN Blues Against Hunger Society on JULY 2nd & 3rd for more incredible days of music!

🎸This weekend BAHS is Extremely excited to featured HAFID HARNANDEZ! A recording artist, session musician & touring artist and the showman’s showman; not an artist to miss!

  • SATURDAY - Cantina Badass K-74 * Music 3PM
  • SUNDAY - Tempest Trading K40.5 * Music 2PM

If you have not attended a BAHS JAMBOREE yet this summer, DON’T MISS OUT. Come early, find the best seat, bring those boogie shoes and a NON-PERISHABLE FOOD DONATION

💗This Weekend Food Goal is 350 pounds or 159 Kilos and let’s jam! 
👍 FREE RAFFLE TICKET = Each 10 pounds (4.5 kilos) Your Bring
👀Also performances by many, many guests and jammers from throughout the region!!!!!!!

MUSIC AND MEALS HEAL! www.bluesagainsthunger.org bahs@bahsociety.com

BAHS Jamboree - July 2 & 3 - Baja California

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