It Takes a Village!!!

A wonderful good Monday to all!!!  Our BAHS Jamboree yesterday was so much fun for all!  And all deserve our thanks for your support and generous giving.  We collected 382 lbs. of beautiful food that will be distributed to the La Mision Children’s Fund and Hearts of Baja. To say they are grateful would be an understatement!!!  It is nothing short of life-giving. Muchas gracias❤️

👏🏻 It takes more than a village and our wonderful volunteers make it happen. A big thanks this week goes to: Craig Klein, Marilyn Arnold, Mitchell & Kim Meeks, Carlos Espino, Julia Brand and Ellie Dishaw.  You all rock!

👏🏻 Thanks to Cathy Stevenson for keeping our BAHS family laughing as she gives raffle prizes away to the luckily winners! 

👏🏻Thanks to the BAHS's production crew that makes our Jamboree streaming happen: John Larsen, Sixx Pack and Rachel Pack. 

👏🏻 Congratulations to all of this weeks raffle winners!!!!   And thank you for your support❤️ Our esteemed raffle donors - Thank you! (you all LOVE to win!!):

  • ABC Pizza - gift certificate 
  • Progressive Electric - gift certificate 
  • Sixx Pack - Men’s Party Basket 
  • Rachel Pack - Home Warming Basket
  • Joyce Lawrence & Diane Tempest - Coffee Fun Basket 
  • John Larsen & Barbara Lincoln - BAHS Wine Basket. 

 Bringing you the BEST BLUES IN BAJA this week were special guest jammers:

  • Jaco Levy - guitar and vocals
  • Diablito Villegas - guitar and vocals
  • Gilbert ( Harmonica Man) Arreguin
  • Victor Field - percussions
  • Mister Field - percussions
  • and the amazing BAHS Blues Band: Miguel Korsa, Bruce Alan Erickson, Phillip Singletary, Eric Salas, Debra Faxon, Sixx Pack.


And of course our love and thanks to Isidro and the spectacular Vista Hermosa Resort (formally Bobby's) for sharing your beautiful venue with us. 

We will see you all next Sunday at 1:00pm PST for more fun and blues!!!!   And please remember your food donations save lives!!❤️❤️❤️❤️

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