JUNE 17 - GOLETA: Guitarist Remington Graham Will Be Joining The Jam to Fight Hunger

Brewers & Blues Against Hunger is pleased to announce ragtime and acoustic guitarist Remington Graham will be joining the jam to fight hunger at M. Special Brewing in Goleta California on Saturday June 17. All blues and musicians are encourage to join us.  

Remington Graham learned how to play guitar and sing walking around and jamming with street musicians, along with a couple of trips busking in New England and the South East with a ragtime band. He now lives in Santa Barbara, work as a potter, and enjoys playing guitar and long walks on the beach.

His soundcloud is: soundcloud.com/remington-james-graham and Same Ol' Mistakes, the ragtime group he played with, can be found at: https://sameolmistakes.bandcamp.com/album/quarter-to-rag .

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