Sweet Rachel is Wild Pack's Bass Player

Rachel "Sweet" Pack has been the bass player for Wild Pack and the Blues Against Hunger Tours since 2013. Since then she has played with hundreds of players on the west coast and Mexico. Rachel is originally from Walnut Creek California before moving to Fresno in Central California.

Rachel grew up loving fitness and dance, leading her to the position of Vice President of the California State Fresno Kinesiology Club. There, she worked to produce the KPC Fitness Expo for 3 years, which lead to her wearing many hats; marketing director, event promoter, technical advisor and talent manager. Today she is the bass player for Sweet Sixx and the Wild Pack.

Rachel will be performing at all the Blues Against Hunger Society Tours, Parties, Concerts, and Festivals! Find out more about Rachel "Sweet" at www.wildpackband.com * www.sweetsixx.com or https://www.facebook.com/rachelpack

In 2001, John met Rachel "Sweet" Pack at a restaurant and popular bar that was adjacent to a live music venue, where John was promoting a concert series for the Fresno Weekly. It was chemistry from the start.

Below are other events Sixx Pack and Rachel have produced over the years. 

2016 Events and Activities


The Baja Walk 100 is a 100 mile, 5 days cancer walk in the San Felipe Baja California desert. This is a fully supported walk with support station every 3 miles of the 100-mile course. 

2016 Baja Cancer Walk 100 - Raised over $9,000 USD for San Felipe Cancer Society and Mujeres Que Viven, AC. 

2015 Events and Activities

The Mexico Report’s 2015 Heroes of Mexico Award

The Mexico Report has honored us with their prestigious "REAL HEROES of MEXICO AWARDS" for our contributions to Mexico in 2015, and specifically Baja. We are very proud of this award. 

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The Baja Blues Against Hunger Tour

The Second Annual Baja Blues Against Hunger was a wonderful success, providing much needed foods to those in need, and providing a great time and good cause in Rosarito Beach, Ensenada, San Felipe, Mulege, Loreto, and Los Barriles. Nearly 4000lbs./1800kg

2015 Blues Against Hunger Tour

2014 Events and Activities

2014 The Bud Light Latino Fest

After 8 years working on blues festivals, we wanted to promote our other passion, Latin music. With the help of good friend Terry Van Arsdale, and the team at La Ventana del Mar Resort, San Felipe Baja California we produce The Bud Light Latino Fest. Too much fun!   

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2014 Blues Against Hunger Bash

Blues Music Food Drive Tour on the West Coast including Baja, California and Oregon, and many great venues along the way, including the World Famous Johnny in Hollister California.  

2008 - 2014:  The International Blues and Arts Fiesta 

After 7 years of working with the San Felipe Lions club to produce the San Felipe Blues & Arts Fiesta, it was time to move on. We made lifelong friends during the time working in talent management, marketing & design. Accomplished a lot of good with this event, and they are still going strong.  

2011 - 2015:  The San Felipe Folk & Bluegrass Festival 

A special day every year when the clan from north of the border come down with fiddles, guitars, banjos, flutes and more, strapped to the tops of their cars with tents, ice chests, and beer. It is always a week of music on the beach followed by a special concert the night before the musicians leave. A great time with amazing musicians.