SIXX PACK on guitar and vocals throughout the tour

Sixx Pack is the guitarist and vocalist for Sweet Sixx and The Wild Pack blues band, the host band of the Blues Against Hunger tour and jams.

Sixx Pack was always creative and enjoyed chasing his passions, especially music. He promoted his first multiple band festival in 1985 when he was only 19 years old. During his early 20’s he worked with several promoters on concerts for bands such as WASP, Night Ranger and Scorpions and other popular rock bands of the time. At the time, John also managed a handful of bands, securing opening positions in regional concerts, and produced a compilation album.
In 1986, he moved to Seattle working as a guitar technician, club DJ and eventually regional club manager for local nightclub chain, during which time, he made a move to publishing, publishing SLAM (Seattle Local Area Music), a music magazine that later became Face-to-Face magazine, a popular music, art and lifestyle magazine of Seattle.

After eight years, John relocating to Fresno, California with his new daughter to be closer to family. He became heavily involved in the field of networking and Internet, specifically related to publishing. 1998 he created and hosted IMG2, a media group with a focus on Internet radio and marketing. One of John’s first clients was a local Fox affiliate that owned both the top radio station and television station in the market. During a presentation, John impressed a radio exec so much, he was asked to host a radio program of technology. John accepted, and The Webmaster Show with John Pack was created. In 2000, after surviving Y2K on the air, The Webmaster Show was syndicated nationally, however by the end of 2001 the NASDAQ technology bubble burst, and the Webmaster Show and most of the show's Dot Com and high-tech companies went with it.

In 2001, John met Rachel "Sweet" Pack at a restaurant and popular bar that was adjacent to a live music venue, where John was promoting a concert series for the Fresno Weekly. It was chemistry from the start.

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