5000 Pounds Raised in 11 Weeks - INCREDIBLE!

THANK YOU ROSARITO - We do not have the final total back from Hearts of Baja yet, however the preliminary numbers are great, definitely more than 500lbs raised yesterday - incredible.

In 11 weeks we are at 4645 pound of food raised on Sundays at BAHS Jamborees and with yesterday, we will be over the 5000lbs - a FULL 6 WEEKS EARLIER than last year and we still have 9 weeks before the end of the season and the August 3rd Festival. WE WILL RAISE MORE THAN 10,000 POUNDS OF FOOD before the end of the summer - Truly remarkable. 

Rosarito is a caring giving community. Thank to Karl Dring, Sweet Sixx and Wild Pack band, all the great jammers, the staff at Bobby's, our incredible volunteers, Linda for the wonderful pictures, everyone that came and donated and Hearts of Baja, the wonderful folks that take all the food directly to the hungry - Together we are all making music that is making a difference! 

Coming soon: BAHS Board and General Member Meetings in July. http://www.bluesagainstshunger.org

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