Tsunami is Causing a Storm in Punta Banda

Humberto Fregoso, Steve St. James, Lou Pando, Fred Soto, John Frye, Wade Norton (not shown)
Tsunami is a classic rock and blues band from Punta Banda, a community southwest of Ensenada. The band was formed back in 2015 with Steve St. James on bass, Fred Soto on guitar, Louis Pando on drums and John Frye on guitar.

Since then the band has changed members as many bands do, and have also dissolved and resolved as fewer bands do. But, when one of them said the famous line from the 1980's movie The Blues Brothers "we're putting the band back together", the rest agreed.

During the 2015 Sweet and Sixx began performing as a duo at Mama Bear's while they stayed in the area. That season Sweet and Sixx started the Meatloaf Jam, they wanted to play with more of the local musicians, including Fred Soto who had been playing harmonica with Sweet and Sixx previously. Soon it was always Sweet, Sixx and the guys of Tsunami every Monday and the jam became a great success. Tsunami also performed at both the 2015 and 2016 Blues Against Hunger Festivals in Punda Banda. 

In 2017, Tsunami joined Sweet Sixx and Wild Pack on the Blues Againsts Hunger Society's BAJA BLUES TOUR to Cabo San Lucas. They performed to great crowds in Mulege, Loreto, San Jose del Cabo, Todos Santos and found out what it is like to tour with a new band. They returned to Punta Band that year and took time off, before going again.

Now, back together and stronger than ever, they are continuing to host the Monday Meatloaf Jam at Mama Bear's Pizza in Punta Banda, the event has become a Blues Against Hunger Jamboree, so that now in addition to a great time, and great music, you can help your community. The band has also added additional guitarist Wade Norton from Los Angeles, and keyboardist Humberto "Georgie" Fregoso from Ensenada with Fred Soto focusing more on vocals and harmonica, and less on guitar.

Be sure to visit Mama Bear's Pizza anytime you are in the area, you will love their homestyle cooking and great hospitality. You'll even find the Wild Pack Cracker on the menu, for those that don't do the lactose like Sixx. But, if you can make it on a Monday for a BAHS Meatloaf Jamboree you are in for a real rockin' good time. A great band having a great time in a great community. Be sure to bring a non-perishable food donation.

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