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BAHS TV - Ep. 6 - Sugar Shack with Robert Connely Farr

BAHS TV - Ep. 6 - Sugar Shack with Robert Connely Farr

Blues Against Hunger Society presents The SUGAR SHACK with Sixx and Sweet and special guest Robert Connely Farr! The Sugar Shack is a musical variety show that features special guests, music videos, performances by Sixx and Sweet, and so much more!

Robert Connely Farr: https://www.robertconnelyfarr.com/ Jimmy "Duck" Holmes: https://www.facebook.com/jimmyduckholmes/ Rachel's Birthday Fundraiser: Joe Bonamassa signed Gibson Guitar Raffle: Videos:
  • Hard Times - Robert Connely Farr performing 'Hard Time Killing Floor Blues' at the 47th Bentonia Blues Festival
  • Train Train - Robert Connely Farr teams up with Vancouver's MixTapeRodeo to shoot a set for Wang Dang Doodle Tee's 2020 Big Rhythm & Blues Show which has since been released as their 'Live In EastVan' album.
  • Jimmy Jamming - Jimmy "Duck" Holmes Visits and jams at the Epiphone Headquarters
  • Just Jive - Written by Jimmy "Duck" Holmes and Robert Connely Farr From Dirty South Blues by Robert Connely Farr. Shot at the 47th Bentonia Blues Festival, June 13, 2019.
BLUES AGAINST HUNGER SOCIETY 501(c)(3) GIVING HUNGER THE BLUES SINCE 2013 - MUSIC AND MEALS HEAL! Our mission is to produce blues concert food drives that promote the donation of non-perishable food while preserving the blues. Please make a donation to help feed those in need. https://www.bahsociety.com/Donate or https://www.paypal.me/BAHS121 Questions? Email us @ bluesagainsthunger@gmail.com Find us - Like us - Follow us = Join BAHS - Subscribe! BAHS TV: https://www.youtube.com/bluesagainsthunger/ Website: https://www.bahsociety.com Blog: https://www.bluesagainsthunger.org Facebook: https://web.facebook.com/bluesagainsthunger Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/bluesagainsthunger/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/BluesAHS

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