BAHS Weekly Food Donation UPDATE - Week 34

TOTAL FOOD RAISED = 22435 Pounds /  12084 Kilograms Not including guitar raffle, or other donations not yet converted to food. Please help us feed more families, make a donation - or

  • La Mision Food Barrels = 71 pounds (32 kilos) donated to the La Mision Fire Fighters
  • San Felipe Food Barrels = 19 pounds (8.6 kilos) donated to Men's Rehab Center
  • San Felipe Food Donation = 485 pounds (220 kilos) donated to Volunteer Without Limits

Community Partners: ACIFAC, Volunteers without Limites, La Mision Children's Fund, Helping Hands, Feeding Rosarito, and Feed Punta Banda

Look for Robert Connely Farr on an upcoming Sugar Shack on Blues Against Hunger TV

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