Thank You La Salina and Rosarito - 302 Pounds!

BAHS Jamboree

What a wonderful day of Live Music BAHS is thankful for all the support this past weekend of music and fun!!! Mopar Murry Blues Band shared some down to earth BLUES! 

👏🏻Thank you to the community from Tijuana to Ensenada, you bought in 302 POUNDS of wonderful FOOD DONATIONS!!!💗 

💗 Our Rockin' BAHS volunteers kept the weekend running perfect giving away the cool raffle baskets designed by Barbara Lincoln. Diane Becker the Raffle Queen share the best way to sale raffle tickets to get lots of WINNERS! Also a BIG Hugs and Kisses to:
  • Sue Andwers
  • Denise Studer
  • Elice Simonis-Tucker
  • Traci Nicko
  • Kim Meeks
Our BAHS Sponsors for this weeks; Los Amigos, El Palmar Paradise, La Salina Cantina, and Lana Fauskin. A gigantic GRACIAS to everyone! 
❤️Our jammers brought the best of the BLUES, as usual - thank you to: 
  • Bruce Alan Erickson 
  • Alan Walker
  • Alan Garcia
  • Bob on Bass
  • Victor Field
  • Laura Graham
  • Lilly on vocals
  • Pete from Gypsy Wagon
  • Debra Faxon
❤️And, of course, Sixx, Mopar, Aless, Cindy, and Rudy for the jazzy opening acoustic set!!!

Join us this weekend for the 2015 OG WILD PACK with the 2022 Wild Pack hosting the show and Jam sessions!!! 
Get Ready for the PARTY!!!!!
  • Saturday July 23 - 3pm at the Badass Cantina - K74
  • Sunday July 24 - 2pm at Tempest Trading - K40.5
BAHS Community Partners:

BAHS Community Partners

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