Ending Hunger in Baja with Blues Music!

donate to feed families and get your tickets - www.bajablues.com

An old friend and mentor of mine would say to me “even a blind hog occasionally unearths an acorn”, and he said it anytime I made a discovery. I never really understood what he meant. It wasn’t until years later that I actually understood he meant ‘serendipity’, like finding $20 in your jacket pocket. The founders of Blues Against Hunger Society (BAHS) consider their organization’s beginnings as an unplanned fortunate discovery, a serendipitous gift that feeds the hungry with bluescentric music. The simple accident that became Blues Against Hunger Society, has fed thousands throughout Baja California, Southern California, and Arizona.

Donate to feed families and get your tickets - www.bajablues.com

A fun serendipitous gift has guided BAHS to produce live music events for over 8 years, feeding our committees in need. Now BAHS is continuing with the second annual BAHS FEEDBACK Festival. This year will be at Tempest Trading at KM40.5 on the Free Road - Rosarito Beach BC.

THE BAHS FEEDBACK FESTIVAL - August 6, 8:30 am - 7:00 pm

Free Pancakes and Jam Breakfast for ticket holders from 9:00 - 11:00 am.

See the band lineup - www.bajablues.com


If you love blues, live music, want to help fight hunger, or simply enjoy partying with a purpose; consider volunteering at the BAHS FEEDBACK FESTIVAL and tell your friends all about Blues Against Hunger Society. VOLUNTEER TODAY!

Blues Against Hunger Society (BAHS) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit. The BAHS mission is simple. Produce and support live music events that promote the collection and distribution of non-perishable food to those in need in the communities we serve. * bahs@bahsociety.com  *  +521-686-230-9933


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