VIDEO: Making a Difference with Bev Wilburn of La Mision Children's Fund

Bev Wilburn of La Mision Children's Fund Food Bank

IT TAKES BAHS COMMUNITY PARTNERS to GIVE HUNGER THE BLUES!! La Mission Children's Fund founder Bev Wilburn tell how Blues Against Hunger helps ensure families get feed even when there is empty shelves. BAHS and La Mission Food Bank continues to GIVE HUNGER THE BLUES. Blues Against Hunger Society works in collaboration with a variety of community partners, the boots on the ground. BAHS Community Partner are essential to BAHS's mission of ending hunger in the communities we serve through music. We spend $300 dlls per city each month - PLEASE Donate to help feed families. The food bank in La Mision provides basic food to over 500 families a month, in 2016 we served 55 families; provide rice, beans, pasta, flour, tomato sauce, oil, and two pounds of frozen chicken. When funds are available, we also give out two cans of tuna. Other select items such as baby formula, diapers, bath soap, canned food, blankets, donated clothing, school supplies, shampoo, and dental care items as they are available. Everything is in limited quantities. They are a 501C3 charity for US tax purposes and provide annual tax statements to our donors. BLUES AGAINST HUNGER JAMBOREE - Where the Blues Comes Alive Every Sunday! Join us for blues, audience, and special guests, ALL TO END Hunger Music and Meals Heal!
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