Beautiful Food Donation & Goosebumps!

Another AMAZING BAHS JAMBOREE in the rear view mirror, and it was exciting on so many levels!!!  First of all, a humongous thank you to wonderful Isidro and the Vista Hermosa Resort for giving us a home!!!  We absolutely LOVE ❤️ being there.  It’s our happy place!!!

It was a BONANZA of donated food!!!  Specials thanks to Wendel Jenkins,  Lana Fauskin, and Roland Colanggo for bringing in the BIG Boxes! We collected a whopping 540 lbs. of gorgeous food!! That’s a QUARTER OF A TON  going to Hearts of Baja to be distributed to over 25 orphanages. PLUS San Felipe collected 551 lbs., going to Volunteer Without Limits,  ACIFAC and Men’s Christian Rehab Center.  Nobody should EVER go hungry!! Music and Meals Heal!! 

Our Year To Date food donated total is 14,568 lbs. and we’re not done yet!!!!  We need 432 lbs. this Sunday to reach 15,000 POUNDS!   WE CAN DO IT WITH YOUR HELP!!!.
 ❤️Bring 20 pounds and get 3 FREE Raffle Tickets. ❤️Bring 20 pounds

Our devoted BAHS Volunteers cannot get enough recognition. They never fail to show up and we love every single one!  Muchas gracias to: Molly Michener Bounds, Roberta Guidry, Craig Klein, Carlos Espino, Julia Brand, Larry Margolis and to our MC - Cathy Stevenson (oh, that’s me!!)

Somehow the music 🎶 reached another level this week.  There were goosebumps!!!  The BAHS Blues Band were deep in the groove (have to give a shoutout to Debra Faxon!!  Holy cow, girlfriend!).  It was quite the musical event, with none other than the master Hafid Hernandez as our guest musician.  Just wow!!!

🎶 And while we’re on the subject of Hafid Hernandez, we are raffling off the GORGEOUS “Hafid Custom Walnut Telecaster” guitar by Luthier Juan Okita on December 18th!!  Buy your raffle tickets to win the custom magnificent instrument at:

Next Sunday our special musical guest will be the amazing Arturo Cardenas and Halloween costume contest. You do not want to miss this!!  And PLEASE help us reach our goal of 15,000 lbs. of beautiful food!!!!  Donate what you can.  It saves lives.  

We love 💗 and thank you all!!!  See you Sunday!!!!!!!!!!

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