5th Annual Baja Blues Against Hunger TourJan. 28, 2019 - Feb. 13, 2019 Together we experience the BEST of Baja!

An experience of a lifetime from San Felipe Baja California, the northern apex of the Gulf of California to Land's End in Cabo San Lucas, where the Gulf and the Pacific collide. Whether you're are a music lover, musician, or adventure traveler this adventure is for you.

Enjoy music throughout the tour, from intimate blues, jazz, and Latin jams to multiband concerts. At each event, the tour guests, host band and guests musicians from within each community are all invited to participate. Truly a magical musical experience.

Tour includes: 2 transportation options for 16 days / 15 nights stay, 6+ concerts, 7+ Baja sightseeing tours, whale watching tour (additional cost), & etravel packet, priceless memories, and much more!

Option 1: Party Bus (we drive) = $1150 / person
Option 2: Roadie (you drive) = $900 / person

Option 3: Come-a-long (you drive & reserve hotels) = $30

* TERMS - DEPOSIT REQUIRED $ 100 usd / person, due at the time of registration. Double capacity required. VERY IMPORTANT: Deposit required at the time of registration. Total tour balance DUE no later than 25 days before the tour start date. *Deposit is non-refundable.

Questions please email -

Mexican AUTO Insurance: email
TRIP Insurance: Have the best adventure of your dreams!

Bahia San Felipe and fisherman launching boats south
of the Malecon. San Felipe is where Blues Against Hunger
Society began in 2013. 

Visit Land's End in Cabo San Lucas on small private boats with
only Baja Blues guests and by this time all your best friends!

The food along the way will tantalize any palate. From shrimp and fish tacos from where they originated to the best restaurants and street vendors. Authentic Mexican and International influences too. It's a truly delightful culinary experience.

You will experience Baja's finest live entertainment in Baja's more popular destination and both stunning and historic venues.

The Cities You'll Visit

Loreto Malecon. On the north end of the one-mile beachfront is the harbor and lighthouse and on the southern end the Oasis Hotel. The west side of the road has a couple of great hotels, 
restaurants Loreto Islas and Augie's Bar and Baitshop, and bars 
including Evening Shade, a popular hangout at night.   

The Places You'll Stay

Hotel Los Pescadores in Los Barriles, BCS. A beautiful boutique hotel 
in a tropical paradise. Owned and operated by an amazing woman - Patty! 
She runs a tight ship and has the coolest people working for her, 
both at the bar, in her incredible kitchen and on her fishing fleet. 

Hotel Hacienda in Mulege BCS. The Hotel Hacienda is the second oldest building in Mulege, 
second to the Misión Santa Rosalía de Mulegé. The mission was founded in 1705.

Hotel Oasis in Loreto BCS. The Hotel Oasis is exactly that a tropical paradise that sits on the Loreto Bay at the south end of the Loreto Malecon. Photo by Bobbi Goodman. 

The tour guides (Sixx and Rachel) have traveled the Baja annually for almost 15 years, in 2012 the couple walked the 850 miles from San Felipe to Cabo San Lucas over 74 days. They know the peninsula and know the places to stay; from a gorgeous private paradise to a 270-year-old historic Hacienda hotel. Including bring the best blues music to Baja and sharing the most amazing Baja sites. Baja is what it is all about!

The Things You'll See

Baja offers so much to see with beauty and history around every corner. From the centuries-old missions to the untouched nature, and gathering of whales like nowhere on earth and more. With detailed information on each site provided by experienced and knowledgeable Baja travel guides.

San Javier Mission in the Gigante Mountains west of Loreto, BCS. 
  • Spanish Missions over 300 years old (San Ignacio, Mulege, Loreto, San Javier) 
  • Bahia de Concepcion (Bay of Conception)
  • Untouched desert and coastlines
  • The Tin Church of Eiffel (Eiffel Tower)
  • SaltWorks (80% of worlds salt production)
  • Whales (additional cost)
  • Concerts and Jams
  • Volcanos
  • Much much more. 
El Requeson Beach on the Bay of Conception (Bahía Concepción) south of Mulege. 

The Music You'll Hear or Play

La Paz, Baja California Sur February 2018 at La Morante Art Bar.

In the larger communities, the tour will host a blues jam and invites local performers to participate and also occasionally feature a special performance. Each event on the tour is as unique as each of the communities. The music is always amazing. The Baja peninsula has many incredible musicians and a huge blues fan base! The jams are always a capacity crowd with a real love of the blues.   

The Reason We Do It

Blues Against Hunger signed "Thank You" sign from food recipients in
Mmaneadero Ensenada Baja California
Blues jams and food drives are one and the same. In a jam, the musicians come together to lift each other up, although in most cases they do not know one another. A food drive is the same, people coming together to lift their community up, although they will not even know who it helps, only that it helps. Music and meals can heal and the people of Baja appreciate it. Together we fight hunger while preserving and promoting the blues.

Musicians at Blues Against Hunger in Valle de Guadalupe at
Fuentes Winery, Baja California in 2016. 
Meet lots of new friends, musicians, expats and travelers from around the world, all coming together to feed the hungry and take care of others, while enjoying good music and living life to the fullest.

The 2017 Blues Against Hunger's bands Sweet Sixx & Wild Pack
along with Tsunami Band from Punta Banda along with
owners and staff of the Hotel Oasis in Loreto.    

USA: 760-619-2582  * MEXICO: 512-686-230-9933


  1. Rachel - You know our dogs (size!) Would they be allowed in the hotels? Thanks, Marilyn

    1. This is a dog friendly tour. But we are very busy most of the time and we found it very challenging to give the right amount of time to our girls and still have fun on the tour.


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