Thank You The Por El Amor de Baja tour was a dream!


Sweet Sixx - Por El Amor de Baja

 The Por El Amor de Baja tour was a dream! - The 10th music anniversary of Sweet Sixx, we are filled with immense gratitude and amazement. Baja & our music together sent us on a journey ten years ago in March. Everyone's generosity continues to burn bright today as it did a decade ago. We know we couldn’t do it ourselves, it took much love and continued support from so many incredible people and communities up and down the Baja Peninsula. 

We can never thank our friends at Baja Bound for all the support now and every step of the last 10 years. They are not just an insurance company, but apart of our Baja family. It’s reassuring, knowing they got your back! 

Sixx and Sweet sends thank yours to all that attended the concerts this tour. From following us from San Ignacio to La Paz to traveling from Florida to Mulege see a show, or simply spreading the word, you make it possible, we love you ALL!

If you were one of the folks who donated the hundreds of pounds of food collected, you’re lifting us all. We love you too, as do many others - Muchas gracias! In Mulege, we want to thank our sister Tammy Wodarczak for all the support and love. The Rotarians were there to help once again; Linda Mitchell, Dawn Sexton, Raffita Romero, Kevin Clough, with help from Ivonne Viruete and Rick Sexton delivering the donations. In Los Barriles to Patty at Los Pescadores Hotel making sure the right people get the donations. 

And a HUGE muchas gracias to our neighbors Mary, Phil, and Oswaldo for caring for our feathered and fur babies during out time away on the tour. 

George Burdette for always being there with that last-minute piece of music gear. 

Lastly to Mom and Dad for always being there to watch our furbabies to helping hand when needed - LOVE to you both! Thank you all for being a part of this incredible journey.

Together, we have proven that music has the power to transcend boundaries, unite hearts, and create lasting magic. Music and Meals Heal!

Thank you to all the incredible venues: 

  • Vista Hermosa Resort
  • Mario's Patio Grill
  • Ignacio Springs
  • El Hotellito
  • Zopilotes Brewing
  • Tiki Todds
  • Hotel VidaSoul
  • Hotel Los Pescadores
  • Poke Loko
  • Todos Santos Brewing
  • Mata Ashta
We stayed at the best of Baja accommodations, from 5-star to under the stars.

  • Vista Hermosa Resort, Rosarito, BC
  • Richard and Joyce Lawrence, San Felipe, BC (Parents)
  • Cactus Corner, Mulege, BCS (Sister)
  • Tiki Todd’s, Centenario (La Paz), BCS
  • Hotel VidaSoul, San Jose del Cabo, BCS
  • Hotel Los Pescadores, Los Barriles, BCS
  • Larry Deakyne, Punta Chivato, BCS
  • Camp Santos, Todos Santos, BCS
Sweet Sixx wants to thank you for all the incredible stays we had. 
With heartfelt appreciation - Sweet Sixx
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