San Felipe Shrimp and The BAHS Blues!

Do you love shrimp and The Blues? YES!! Then we have an AMAZING WEEKEND IN SAN FELIPE just for you. On NOVEMBER 6, 2021 The San Felipe BAHS Chapter Kicks off the Winter Jamborees! Looks like BAHS has a BIG group going over to the sea side to Kick off The BAHS Winter season and enjoy The Shrimp Festival. 

The Shrimp Festival is most fun in San Felipe to fill your tummies with shrimp of every flavor, fill your souls with live music, arts, crafts, and so much more! THEN on Sunday the Season beguines for San Felipe BAHS Jamborees at the SAN FELIPE BREWING COMPANY. The music starts at 1PM on Sunday - Nov 7, 2021 - PERFECTION!!!! Come one come all, bring a nonperishable food donation for those in need in San Felipe and be ready to PARTY blues style with jammers you know and LOVE!

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