The Blues Against Hunger Society (BAHS) wants to thank everyone that came out and supported the BAHS FEEDBACK FEST this past Saturday, August 6, 2022. The day was full of fun, music, friends, and community. We want to thank everyone that made this a terrific Spring and Summer season for BAHS. Because of all of you, fewer people in our community went hungry and we love and thank all of you for this GIFT. We look forward to all of you supporting BAHS for the CHURCH OF THE BLUES. BAHS Broadcast live every Sunday, coming soon. The format will accommodate the live broadcasting with the LIVE Jamboree. People will be able to watch, participate, and donate globally across all social and streaming platforms! Great way to bring the world together and feed those in need. Music and Meals Heal!

BAHS wants to thank Diane and Denise at Tempest Trading for being so awesome! Much love for giving us the opportunity to host our season at such a wonderful venue for music and events. Thanks to all the wonderful food vendors and their team - of course, Cisco and Jimmy for the helpful hand!

The MUSICIANS as always were CHINGON! BAHS loves you one and all! Bobby Tee, Wendi Sue and Steve, Eloy and Kurtis of Blues Exit, Phillip, Kourtney and Vernon of Beloved, The BAHS Chingon Jam Band, Tino Mendoza, Bruce Erickson, Victor Vital, Arturo Cardenas, Hafid Hernandez, Alan Garcia, Mopar Murray, and his awesome band Mopar Murray Blues Band, Aless and Cindy, Rudy, Erick Salas, plus Palaco Blues, The Wild Pack (Sixx, Sweet, Miguel Korsa, Connie Price-Panthen, Alan Walker, Debra Faxon, and Eric Salas, and Phillip Singletary). Pachuco Blues, Michele Lundeen, Anthony Cullins, Victor Franklin, and Dwane Hathorn. Again Es CHINGON! 

Thank goodness for soundman extraordinaire George Burdette that can out of nowhere on the day of the event and took over the sound and knocked it out of the park. MUCHAS gracias amigo! Big hugs and love to Cathy Stevenson, the MC of the event, who delivered with laughter and a smile, and Barbara Lincoln who artistically designs the awesome raffle baskets! Plus, love to the sponsors Laura Graham, Los Rocas Hotel, Los Amigos Bar & Grill, Debra Faxon of Serenity Crystals, Shery Aguirry of Sea Feather Treasures, Bobbie & Paul of Ignacio Springs, and all BAHS community partners Feeding Rosarito, Hearts of Baja, La Mision Food Bank, and Helping Hands.

Thank you to Sunny Crowley for the pancake grill and pancake masters Michael Fatica, Larry Margolis, and the volunteer help of Miguel Avila, Roberta Guidry, Jane of Serenity Crystals, Yolanda Monterrey Menz, Jacqueline Rauwing, Carlos Espino, Traci Lyn Nicko, Elice Simonis-Tucker, Kim and Michell Meeks, Patty Amezola, Elizabeth Pinda, Joe Conijn, and John Larsen. Photo credits to Kathy Fatica and Linda C. Daly.

THANK YOU AND MUCHAS GRACIAS TO YOU ALL - We love you! It is ONLY POSSIBLE with your support. If you did not make it, please consider donating online ( IT ALL MAKES A DIFFERENCE! Music and Meals Heal AND PLEASE ALWAYS BRING A NON-PERISHABLE FOOD DONATION. Gracias / Thank you.

International Blues Day BAHS Feedback Festival Photos

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