JUNE 14-15: Guitarist Jason Bushong to Join the Jam to Fight Hunger in Southern California

Brewers & Blues Against Hunger and Wild Pack are extremely excited to have Jason Bushong join the jam to fight hunger. We have not played with the virtuoso guitarist in over a year ago, down in Mexico. Now Jason will be performing at both Aztec Brewing in Vista on June 14 and Left Coast Brewing in San Clemente on June 15.
I started playing guitar when I was 12 years old. I took private lessons and attended community college classes to improve my skills and learn as much as I could. Upon graduating high school I moved up to the LA area to attend the Guitar Program at Grove School of Music. During that time I was playing with my band Kindred Spirit. We played throughout Southern California area and had moderate success. Needless to say, being young and dumb, a lot of beer was drunk and a lot of hell was raised. 

After we split, I went to work for Club Med where there was a house band and I was invited to join. Once again, a lot of beer was drunk and even more, hell was raised. Sometime after that, I ended up in San Felipe, Mexico where I hooked up with a band called The Agave Blues Band. Here, everything was drunk and now hell was asking for a reprieve. So after the liver transplant, I eventually made it back to San Diego where I play with my childhood buddies from Kindred Spirit. We're now called Peace Treaty Hall. A lot of beer is still drunk, but a lot less hell is raised. The kids have to be put to bed, bail is too expensive now, and sometimes we just need a nap. I forgot to put in I'm from San Marcos, CA and put Palomar Community College. Sometimes I get ahead of myself. 

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