Feb 24 - La Paz: Russ Ham Opening the Jam to Fight Hunger

Russ Ham is a fan of all things Baja — the desert and the water, the people and the seafood, the music and the racing, and the lovely winters as well as the infernal summers.  After thirty years in Austin, Texas, he appreciates a culture with realistic expectations of what might be accomplished — and what should not be attempted! — when the temperature is around 100 degrees.

Russ’s musical tastes are broad; he’ll tell you “I can listen to anything for twenty minutes.”  But his passion is the art of songwriting, and he’s always trying to learn new gems (no matter how old they might be) and write a few of his own.

RSVP - Click Below and be sure to bring a non-perishable, non-expired food donation to La Morante Art Bar on 24-Feb-2018 at 6PM. Russ will be sharing his passion for his music, so let's all come together to help Russ and the rest of the musicians to raise as much food as possible.     

Raised in Kansas City, Russ has been paid to drive John Deere tractors and Italian sports cars.  He studied literature, journalism, and law at the University of Kansas.  He is intrigued by the notion of “Six Degrees of Separation” and is amused that his friends include one guy whose first show on Broadway featured Bert Lahr (the Cowardly Lion of The Wizard of Oz) and another whose uncle gave guitar lessons to Buddy Holly.

Russ has been visiting La Paz since 2001, when he and his wife arrived via the Green Tortoise hippie bus and celebrated Valentine’s Day with too many margaritas (two apiece) at the Hotel Perla.  They have been full-time Paceños for three years.  He hosts the Open Mic every other Wednesday at La Morante Art Bar and plays with the Community Swing Band.  He is a regular contributor to the Baja Citizen magazine, photographing and writing about topics from the dying art of hydraulic tile-making to local professional boxing.
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