Drummer Oscar Quiñones Nogueira will be keeping the groove in Rosarito!

Drummer Oscar Quiñones Nogueira was born in Durango, Mexico. At age of 12 Oscar started taking bass guitar lessons, but the whole time he was playing bass he was thinking about drums. You might think, "that's what every good bass player should be doing", and you'd be right. But in his case, he wanted to be playing the drums instead of the bass. For two years he played both of them until the drums won out.  When he got into high school, he began to play with a variety of garage bands. When Oscar got into college things change and he quit playing the drums for 5 years.

When Oscar moved from Durango out west to Ensenada, he met professor Lupillo Yanez who encouraged him to start hitting drums again. Since then Oscar has been the former drummer of Ruta 69 and the Wetbacks band. Oscar has also played with Dejablues, Fermatta, Niño Van, Dave Riley, Jaque Mate and a couple of tribute bands including an AC/DC tribute. 

In 2015, through mutual friends and recommendations, Rachel and Sixx Pack of Wild Pack band found Oscar. As primarily a rock drummer, the duo had an impact on Oscar and got him into the blues and they've been friends ever since. Oscars says "I try to play with them as much as possible", he continues, "I actually play with Black band at local bars getting ready for Wild Pack again!"

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