Guitarist Robert Tarasiak Joins the Fight Against Hunger

Come to support Robert Tarasiak at the San Felipe Blues Against Hunger March 10, 2019, starting at 12PM-3PM at La Palapa Bar & Grill in La Ventana del Mar, El Dorado Ranch. Be sure to bring a non-perishable, non-expired food donation for. Paul will be sharing her passion for his music and helping the community. Let us all come together and help raise as much food as possible for ASIFAC and 99+1 Ministry of San Felipe.   

Dr. Robert John Tarasiak is the Pastor at Mission San Felipe Church. Robert is the first generation Born in the USA on August 23, 1960.  Born and raised in Worcester, MA, where he entered USAF 20 days following Graduation from Holy Name Catholic High School in 1978. Robert plays many instruments; violin, clarinet, guitar-since 1974, bass guitar, drums.

While in the USAF, serving as an electronics technician and supervisor, "I served with the touring musical group called “Tops in Blue”. I provided audio engineering and maintenance of pro audio gear. Went professionally as a guitarist and vocalist just prior to retirement from the USAF while serving in Italy."

The owner, producer, audio engineer of  Euroconnect Recording Studios – 1991 – 1997
Considered a Song Writer/Guitarist/Performer/Vocalist. Produced various recorded compositions ranging from Rap, Reggae, Blues, 30 piece orchestra, Gospel, etc. 

Performed in the following bands and dates:

Ruff Kutt – 1988-90. Played Lead Guitar and vocals. Major accomplishment: Was the pit band/orchestra band for a USAF Regional Talent Contest. Drummer Charlie Wolf later became the Tour/Promotion manager for John Kay & Steppenwolf. 
Mass Confusion – 1989-91. Cover band. Played Lead Guitar and Vocals.
Positive Men – 1991 – 1995 Reggae covers and originals band. Played Lead Guitar and vocals. Major Accomplishment: Performed at the Reggae Sun Splash Concert at the Rototom, Spilimbergo, Italy. Released CD 1992.
Roots Vibration – 1995 – 1997. Reggae Band, Reggae Covers and originals. Played Bass, Lead Guitar, and vocals. 
Bobby Tee & Company – Rock/Blues. 1992-1997. Lead Guitar, Vocalist. All original songs were written by Bobby Tee. Toured throughout Europe, Opened/Support Band for Alvin Lee, Motorhead. Performed for various events such as biker clubs, fundraisers, etc. Released CD “Bobby Tee & Company-Hold on Tight” in 1997 with Atelier de Montage Studios, Producer and promoter Will Gibson and myself. 
Bobby Tee & Testify-2016 – present; Rock/Blues/Contemporary. Lead Guitar and Lead Vocalist for mostly all original compositions. Presently recording original materials for an eventual CD release on original compositions. Formed a new group in San Felipe January 2019 with Drummer Daniel Garcia, Keyboardist Daniel Roldan, Bass Player Manuel Patiño, Back-Up vocalists Adriane Peregoodoff and Mariya Garcia.

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