BLUES AGAINST HUNGER SOCIETY wants to thank everyone and let you know we love you too! Baja is a wonderful place, but it becomes so much more when you experience the love and generosity of our communities. HUGE THANK YOU and love to Michele Lundeen for supporting BAHS and being a part of making a positive difference in Baja with her passion, energy and voice. We love you from the bottom of our hearts. Thank you to the Wild Pack Band, you guys are wonderful and you make it possible. All the awesome guest singers; Mopar Murray, Conley M. Broome, and Wild Pack's own Connie Price-Panthen. Thank you to Craig Klein - you are the man! You always come through and are always there to help any way you can! The venues we love so much Bobby's by the Sea at K43 in Rosarito - you guys rocked it!!! WOW is all we can say about all of it...incredible. You guys are setting a new bar. John Castro, Isidro Magana we appreciate all you're doing for BAHS. 

Mama Bear's Pizza in Punta Banda is just getting better and better, love the food, the people, everything - you guys are like family. Thank you Kym Frye and Christopher N. Frye from Mama baers Pizza with Cinthya Aragon and Manuel Manny Leos for working so hard. Big thanks to Matthew Dunn for helping get the food where it belongs. Thank you to Linda C Daly for the Rosarito photos and Magda D Sousa for the Punta Banda photo. Finally, but so important I wanted to mention it last - BAHS want to give all our love to everyone that makes Hearts of Baja beat - you guys are great partners in getting the children fed - we love you. We encourage everyone to be part of Blues Against Hunger Society and let's all be a part of making music that makes a difference. MUSIC AND MEALS HEAL!
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