BAHS Baja Tour Update - Day 1 & Day 2

BAHS Baja Tour Update

Day1 - La Salina to El Rosario - The day started great with Bfast at the Cantina, Thx Jessie! All making new friends and losing one (Maureen) because of RV brakes going out. She got them fixed and made it back to Rosarito. We arrived at the Baja Cactus Hotel by dusk, having dinner at Mama Espinosa's. Finishing the night with giggles and hugs!

Day2 - to Guerrero Negro - Sunny and bright for our long drive. Passing through the best vast green Baja deserts and sharing our favorite spots. After 5 hours of driving, no one wanted to stop... We are on our way to Mulege for the night! Yah! More BAHS adventure to come - Stay tuned! In St. Rosalia now. 
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