BAHS is On the Road and On the Move - Tijuana to Corona to Yuma and Back!

Good to be home. It was a long, extended weekend for Blues Against Hunger Society and it started with picking up our drummer Humberto in Tijuana and then driving to Corona on an invitation to jam with our friend Martin F Tramil (read about Martin F. Tramil).

We enjoyed the event and it was great to see BAHS friends of friends there from outside the area. San Felipe Directors Charlie and Karen Martin's friends Gene and his wife Becky, and Antoinette, who came in sporting a BAHS Blues shirt from Rosarito Beach - very cool. The jam was at Rockefellas with Coldwater Blues Club and a stage full of local favorites, thanks to hosts Trisha and Graham.

BAHS had a display and an area for donations and collected for Hope Food Pantry (read about Hope Pantry), which Martin graciously delivered. Thanks to that, we were able to drive back to Tijuana, dropped off Humberto at the border and then continue driving to Yuma. We crashed landed at mom and dad's casita around 2:30AM.

Late the next morning, after breakfast and last-minute bank research, we went to visit our friends Lola and Bill Scamahorn. Lola is also the BAHS Arizona State Statutory Agent and she had BAHS documents for us. The two are also the promoters of an awesome Arizona concert series "Howling at the Moon", held every full moon in the Arizona desert and attracts thousands. A BAHS Jamboree opens the season in November and closes the season in April, which they host for Yuma Food Bank. Join BAHS on April 7th in the Yuma Arizona Desert.

After the visit, we went to the bank and establish the official BAHS business account, the process took a bit longer than expected...our plan was to continue on to San Felipe, but were too tired. We stayed the night and returned home to find our baby girls (Cai and Trixie) had the best time with our dear friends John and Barbara and guard cat Jazz, missed us too. Glad to be back home.

Much more BAHS coming soon. For more information visit Thanks for the Photos David Burkitt

Drumberto Feliz
Sixx Pack

Sweet Rachel Pack


Martin F. Tramil

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