Having FUN at The Shade!

Day 5 - Drive to Loreto from Mulege
This was a short drive and a beautiful day. We drove straight to Loreto Bay Resort and loaded everyone's luggage into one room, check-in at 3pm and we arrived at 12:30 pm. then to Loreto Malecon for lunch - Sushi yummy!

The BAHS Gypsys went sightseeing and the band went on to set up for Loreto's BAHS Jamboree at "The Shade". The afternoon was a Huge Success - Food donations brought 437.5 pounds and with cash donations adding 1062.5 pounds (to be purchased) = 1500 raised in Loreto!

THANK YOU to the town of Loreto for stepping up to help the "Cocina Pública" to feed the kids of Loreto. Thank you to Augie for hosting the BAHS Baja Tour! Thank you to Hurrican Hoover and Bill for joining the JAM! Tomorrow JOIN the party in El Centenario BCS at "KM-14" on TOMORROW 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM.
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