ACIFAC in San Felipe!

FROM ACIFAC (San Felipe BC) - Our thanks to "Blues Against Hunger Society" for their excellence and tireless help to our "Hoy Si Comí" program and thanks to all the beautiful people who attend each event bringing food to help us.

ACIFAC - The community center is in Los Arcos built by a church group from Pincher Creek Alberta. Our mission is to help the local community of San Felipe by providing a place of refuge, feeding the needy, and protecting the children. We feed about 150 children each school day. 

Hoy Si Comi (I Ate Today) Feeding Program
Through our partnership with the Mexican Non-Profit ACIFAC, we are feeding over 150 needy children each school day at three public schools. In Mexico, public schools do 20no provide any meal service and the hot meal we provide is the only reliable meal for most of these children.

In the community we serve, we see large families packed together in tiny living conditions, and in extreme cases,  homes that have no electricity or running water.

Through our Child Sponsorship Program, you can be a part of helping us reach these children. You will learn about them through photos and you can participate in their birthdays and Christmas. We have heard countless expressions of gratitude from parents and children as they receive the first birthday gift in their life!

Community Center of San Felipe: The Community Center serves as a base of operations and the central commercial kitchen for the feeding program. We have a project to upgrade and expand the Community Center of San Felipe.

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