The First Annual BAHS Easter Bluesathon is a wonderful success. Thank you all so much!

Blues Against Hunger Society wants to thank everyone that made The First Annual Easter Bluesathon a wonderful success.

The live streaming show had 16 guest interviews and live performances, as well as lots of blues music from around the world. There were 1,748 viewers throughout the 8-hour broadcast. Although the show had a couple of bumps along the way, it was a learning process and we never stopped broadcasting.

Thank you to everyone that worked to make it happen, the live team: Sixx Pack, Sweet Rachel Pack, and John Larsen and all the contributors: Barbara Lincoln, Mopar Murray, Ed Duenez, Katya Amanae Napzok, Nina Hart, Maureen Mineham, Les and Marylin Widd, Danny Ingersoil, Marilyn Maxwell Roosen.

Thank you to all the guests' Kid Ramos, and Johnny Ramos, Connie Price-Panthen, Andre Brodski, Michele Lundeen, Rio Samaya Band, Karen Gallinger, ChillBillie Twins, Soy Lola, Bobby Tee, Black Market III, Mystic Daze (never has a chance to perform), Chickenbone Slim, Lisa Cee, Miguel Korsa, Jose Cruz, Sauce Boss, and Tom Chapin.

Thank you to everyone that donated. The BAHS Easter Sunday show raised a total of $1,227 in donations, including $320 towards the Guns N’ Roses Guitar. The drawing for the guitar is Saturday, August 1, 2020, International Blues Day and proposed date for the 2nd Annual BAHS Festival. We want to thank the online donations system Rallyup, it allowed donors to choose which community received their donation. This was exciting considering BAHS serves multiple communities and we have wanted a way for members and supporters to have a choice in where their donations are spent. And a big thank you to Blues Festival Guide.

We hope everyone that watched the show, enjoyed their time spent with us. Blues Against Hunger Society is launching a 24/7 blues streaming channel. The channel will promote the blues and raise money and food for the communities we serve. We also intend to continue regular live broadcasts, increasing our growing library of blues videos from around the world and live performances from BAHS member bands and artists.

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BAHS is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation, managed by a board of directors. Our mission is to produce live blues music events that promote the collection and distribution of non-perishable food to the hungry while supporting, promoting and preserving the blues in the communities we serve. Become a BAHS Member TODAY!

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