Calling all BAKERS To Help BAHS!

Calling all BAKERS in Rosarito, La Mision, Ensenada, and anywhere in the world. If you want to help your community, together through yummy sweets and treats we can do it! We would like to challenge everyone to bake and sell cookies to help your BAHS community partners FEED those we serve. If you want to start a BAKE SALE please contact us at  Let's all get baking!!! 

Sweet tells a friend - "This idea came to me (Sweet Rachel) because in San Felipe two BAHS members Glen and Jennette are feeding the hungry by baking; bread, cookies, and such treats. They have raised a tremendous amount of money to purchase food and have made a real difference since they began, but even with the locked-down, they have been able to continue to contribute to BAHS and feed those in need."

Glen told Sweet "The BAH events we were wonderful and were tickled pink to be able to help, but since COVID we have raised enough to buy 1000's of pounds of food. We are totally overwhelmed by the people's support here in San Felipe."

We all need to consider these simple, yet effective ways to continue the fight against hunger. Let's all get baking. Together we can end hunger. If you can not bake or are not able to join the cookie bake please consider ​making a donation - or
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