Chickenbone Slim on SUGAR SHACK with Sixx and Sweet!

SUGAR SHACK with Sixx and Sweet!!! This week's guest is Chickenbone Slim on Waffle DAY! Blues Against Hunger Society Presents The SUGAR SHACK with Sixx and Sweet on the BAHS TV this Sunday - June 28, 2020. This is Episode 3 a musical variety show features weekly special guests, performances by Sixx and Sweet, BAHS, and Blues Updates from the BAHS TV Newsroom with Cinco (Sixx 's bother) and Rebecca Fields.and so much more.

CHICKENBONE SLIM of San Diego, California has been playing blues for over 25 years. Chickenbone plays a primitive, tough, bare-knuckle electric blues, born in the middle of the last century. With a talented band known as “The Biscuits” made up of top blues musicians, Chickenbone is able to explore and take risks with his original material and interpretation of traditional blues. He has been nominated for Best Blues album in 2016 for “Gone” and 2018 for “The Big Beat” for the San Diego Music Awards. CHICKENBONE SLIM’S live blues performances are organic, situational, and distinct. No two shows are alike. Sometimes the sound of the band is more uptown Chicago and sometimes Southern Delta or Texas, but in an intimate setting, it’s more juke joint than ballroom. ---> CHECK OUT BAHS TV 
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