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Hunger and Poverty Were Here Long Before This Pandemic

Hunger and poverty were here long before the COVID-19 pandemic. The families in need in all the cities were here long before the pandemic and will be there long after. Each of BAHS's Community Partners (HEROS) knows the stories of the families. 

We need your help now more than ever! The cost of a 100-pound bag beans in January was $1,320 pesos, now the cost of a 100-pound of beans in June the cost is about $1,880 pesos. The cost of a 40-pound box of chicken in January was $350 pesos and now in June the cost of a 40-pound box of chicken in June is about $440 pesos. Help us help our community Partners, they know where and who are the neediest in the city they serve. Please make a donation, go to 
www.bahsociety.com/Donate or paypal.me/BluesAHS. One dollar buys 2 pounds of food = 2 meals.


Volunteers Without Limits - San Felipe, has been giving out food packs of rice, beans, flour, oil, and water every two weeks for 10 years. With the advent of the VWL community kitchen in San Felipe, those families were able to get meals twice a day. Cooking and delivering 150 meals to the homes of the elderly, sick, and disabled  5 days a week, year-round. Individuals, friends, or family may apply for the food support, then VWL do home visits to verify there is truly a need. Read More...

ACIFAC - San Felipe, The community center is in Los Arcos built by a church group from Pincher Creek Alberta. Our mission is to help the local community of San Felipe by providing a place of refuge, feeding the needy, and protecting the children. ACIFAC feedS about 150 children each school day through the Hoy Si Comi (I Ate Today) program. The hot meal ACIFAC provides is the only reliable meal for most of these children. Read More...

Hearts Of Baja - RosaritoIn 2014, retirees Marilyn and Les Widd, started visiting local children's homes in their new community of Rosarito, Mexico. The original goal was to simply help feed and clothe the children being housed in these under-funded facilities. Soon though, the three
homes they were helping support, turned into eight and then twelve. As more homes came forward seeking assistance, the need to create a Networking Organization became apparent. At the end of 2015, Hearts of Baja was formed to combine efforts and help support the Children's Homes of Baja Norte. Hearts Of Baja Children's Homes Network a 501(c)(3) non-profit EIN 30-0991203. Read More...

La Mision Children’s Fund  - La Mision, is a non-profit, all-volunteer organization, offering resources to address extreme poverty and limited access to basic human necessities experienced by children and families of Baja California, Mexico. We strive principally to provide fundamental necessities for at-risk children and youth, including food, shelter, clothing, education, and medical care. Read More...

If you would like to help us FEED those in need. During the pandemic, it is needed now more than ever. We need YOUR help - Please make a donation, go to 
www.bahsociety.com/Donate or paypal.me/BluesAHS. One dollar buys 2 pounds of food = 2 meals.

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