It Takes A BAHS Team to Feed San Felipe!

It takes a village to feed a village and San Felipe is a village that takes that to heart and into action. Dear wonderful and amazing friends and members of Blues Against Hunger Society (BAHS), Thank you for the generous donations to BAHS, $1,650 (over 36,000 pesos) for San Felipe! That's $1000 more than the last two food drives we did, and the money will provide food for families for the next 4 weeks (that's two deliveries of 100 bags each). THANK YOU!
Big thank you to the following people for coming together to build the assembly line to pack the food bags:
  • Joyce and Richard Lawrence
  • Nicole Cougher
  • June and Bill McCullough
  • Janis Viehman
  • Victoria Kozak
  • Donna van Groningen
  • Sandra Flannigan
  • Cara Curfew
  • Linda Wilson
  • Susan Smith
A BIG round of applause to Kevin and Teri Pearson for spearheading this fundraiser, to the Tequila Pigs for jumping in two feet in to help feed the San Felipe families, and to George Sisemore for the use of the truck to haul the food bags from Joyce and Richard's to Kiki's. Thank you to Tharoon Iyyenger for loaning us his bus to deliver the food, to Jaime for driving the bus and taking us to the families in need, and to Kiki's RV Resort for allowing Jaime to take time from his duties at the camp to drive the bus! GO TEAM you helped feed those in need. 100 families will be going to bed with full tummies! Make A Donation - or
Written by Kevin Pearson and Sixx Pack

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