Thank you Letter To San Felipe Rotary Club!

To the President of the San Felipe Rotary, 

Thank you very much for the generous donation to Blues Against Hunger Society (BAHS)! We truly appreciate your commitment to helping BAHS feed families in San Felipe during the COVID-19 crisis. The rotary has always supported our projects through the years to help San Felipe. I understand the food delivery with the assistance of Nicole Cougher is taking place Saturday 8-Aug-2020. We will make sure to send you photos and a link of the thank you from BAHS's website. Thank you very much from the Blues Against Hunger San Felipe Chapter, Sixx, myself, and the people of San Felipe. 

​​​Sixx and Rachel Pack
Founders of Blues Against Hunger Society
501(c)(3) Non-Profit Corporation​   

GIVING HUNGER THE BLUES SINCE 2013 - MUSIC AND MEALS HEAL! Our mission is to produce ​LIVE food drive concerts that promote non-perishable food​ donations​ while preserving the blues. Make A Donation - or
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