The Long Awaited Return of the BAHS Jamborees!

Thank you to everyone that came out to La Salina Cantina on Oct 18, 2020 for the 1st BAHS Jamboree since March. The food donations from all those that attended were wonderful, all your support will feed the families and children of La Mision and Rosarito Area. You donated 310 pounds of food and more pounds to come from in raffles, bread purchases, and donations - THANK YOU! We have been waiting a long time to have a BAHS Jamboree, the live performances had almost all but stopped. We yearned for this day. 

This event brings the BAHS total pounds of donated food to 310 pounds. Since January with your continued support, our total weight of food donated is 31249 pounds, which is 4675 more pounds than all of last year! THANK YOU- because of all of you we are feeding more families!

The staff and Jessie from La Salina Cantina were great and the of BAHS members and volunteers are always invaluable to the event. Thank you to Bertha Machado, Craig Klein (BAHS board member),  Anne Marie Martin, John Larsen, George Duran, Mopar Murray (BAHS board member), Mopar Murry Blues Band, and Sweet Sixx and the Wild Pack band for hosting. It had been nearly 8 months without a chance to play was truly a reunion and a great time!

PHOTOS Thanks to Linda C Daly (BAHS official photographer) and Diego Knight for the great photos from this fabulous day. What a great crowd of faces we all missed so much with many new smiling faces, all coming together in their pods of close friends with all social distancing between tables and guests and we love you all. 

The BAHS Jamboree will be back at La Salina Cantina on Sunday, November 15, 2020. Save your seat TODAY! 

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