BAHS Birthday Bash Jamboree for Sixx a Huge Success!

Saturday’s huge Birthday Bash celebration for Sixx Pack was definitely one to remember. The stage was literally wall-to-wall incredible musicians and the audience was standing room only! It was truly a thrill for all who attended. Every week is just getting better and better, and your generosity knows no bounds. We have collected to date 1,902 POUNDS OF FOOD!!!!! That’s just short of A TON!!!! Countless families have already been fed due to your kindness and we continue this fight against hunger in our local communities.

Our raffles are also becoming a highlight of our Jamboree. It’s so much fun to be a winner!!!! This week’s contributors are:
Marina Dobesh (book)
Debra Stewart ( painted garden rock)
La Salina Cantina (gift certificate)
Restaurante La Güerita (gift certificate)
La Salina Chapter (gift baskets)

Next Saturday’s Jamboree will put us over the 2,000 pound mark and we are so excited!! And Jesus Ortiz Lariz has a big July 4th celebration planned for all!! The music will play until 7 pm and then please stay for a BBQ, huge bonfire and fireworks!!! This will all happen on Saturday, July 3rd so don’t miss it!!!!!!
Again, thank you all for your unwavering support and generosity. Together we make a difference!!
#bahs #bluesagainsthunger #musicandmealsheal

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