Sunshine Makes Us Happy!

The sun came out and we are thankful!!!   We are also thankful to all of you who come out to support us every weekend!!!   Last weekend’s World Music Jam was filled with wonderful people, stellar music and….drumroll….


Our faithful volunteers make it all happen and we would like to thank them all!!  Last weekend’s volunteers were:

  • John Larsen
  • Barbara Lincoln
  • Loretta Byers
  • Sunny Crowley
  • Phil Reyes
  • Michele Torchia
  • Traci Nicko

❤️A gigantic GRACIAS to everyone!

And thank you to all the dads out there. We love you just because you’re a dad! 

Our jammers brought their A-game, as usual; thank you to:

  • Alan Garcia 
  • Bruce Alan Erickson 
  • Socrates Ortiz
  • Pepe Train
  • Laurie Lyon 
  • Pete from Gypsy Wagon
  • Light Blub
  • Hilary Loraine

❤️And, of course, the Wild Pack!!!

Get ready for warm, sunny and a spectacular  The La Salina Badass Cantina will have new umbrellas to keep you shady!!  And Tempest Trading is always such a fun place to be.  Thank you all and we will see you in a few days!! 

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