BAHS is Making Changes and on Track for our Best Year-to-Date!

Dear BAHS members, fans, and supporters. BAHS will be making a few changes in an effort to achieve our mission to end hunger with music.

We will no longer have Saturday Jamborees at La Salina Cantina, we will instead focus our attention on our Sunday Jamborees at Tempest Trading. Thank you to La Salina Cantina and the staff, as well as the incredible community. BAHS will continue to provide food and support to the La Salina / La Mision groups BAHS has supported for the last 3 years. 

BAHS will continue its mission. This Saturday we will host our first WOOFSTOCK Jamboree in Puerta al Valle and will be collecting food for our four-legged friends and family. The Sunday Jamboree at Trading 2-5 PM and next week the BAHS FEEDBACK FEST.

Beginning September the SUNDAY JAMBOREE will be live streamed across all social and streaming platforms. Thank you and Muchos gracias for all the continued support. Music and Meals Heal.
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