GET YOURS! I can't wait for my new BLUES.CHUCH Charter Member shirts. There is only ONE PRINT of these specific fundraising shirts. If you want to support Blues Against Hunger Society, get your one-of-a-kind BLUES.CHURCH shirts - BAHS knows that MUSIC AND MEALS HEAL - now we will tell the world. If you're interested purchase below and eamil with your style and size - The shirts are $20 - all sizes avail. Once your order is confirmed we will arrange pick location and date. THANKS for the support! Music and Meals Heal!! 

SAVE THE DATE On OCT 2, 2022 Blues Against Hunger Society (BAHS) takes it the next level with live blues Jamborees going global; Blues.Church. BAHS will broadcast on social media platforms and audio podcast networks on a weekly live music show with guests from around the world. The show will be shot LIVE from the most beautiful resort in Northern Baja California Vista Hermosa Resort in Rosarito Baja every Sunday.

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