Thank you Rosarito and San Felipe's Rock Soul

Thank you to San Felipe's ROCK SOUL for a great performance at the Rosarito Blues Against Hunger Society's Rosarito Jamboree. A really great band and we are happy to say if you missed them, they will be back to represent San Felipe at the 1st Annual Baja Hunger Fest a new blues and jazz festival to held on August 3rd at Bobby's by the Sea.

The BAHS would also like to thank everyone that donated we are nearly 50% great this year than last and we are only getting started - THANK YOU. Thank you to Bobby's by the Sea for providing so much wonderful support and giving 10% off the menu to everyone that donated. All the donation support Hearts of Baja and 25 regional orphanages from Tijuana to Ensenada. A huge thank you to the Wild Pack band Arthur Cardenas, Humberto Félix, Sweet Rachel, Phillip Singletary, Wes Sample, Mopar Murray, and jammers Frank Savino, Franklin, and Connelly. And much love to Linda C Daly for the photos. 

Next week we have SD Blues Hall of Fame inductee Chet Cannon (SAVE YOUR SEAT) along
with multi-instrumentalist Karl Dring. Please join us at 2PM for another afternoon of music, friends and helping your neighbor with Baja's own BLUES AGAINST HUNGER SOCIETY.

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